Summer Activities

Summer is right around the corner so its time to get ready! Summer should be enjoyed! You shouldn’t be stuck cooking and baking in a hot kitchen and no one should be cooped up when the sun is shining! Here are  some fun ideas including where to eat your meals this summer and easy foods to serve!

Places to have your meals: 

  • Go have a picnic at a local greenhouse or horticulture garden. Many universities have horticulture gardens where you can sit and eat lunch under tropical trees, near waterfalls or by flower gardens. 
  • Take breakfast on an early morning hike. Whether you just walk to the top of a nearby hill or you choose a forested hike on a mountain, you can get there early enough to eat breakfast while you watch the sun rise!
  • Have lunch in a cave! Spelunking is always a fun summer activity, so why not find a nice little nook in the cave and sit down and eat lunch! If you have kids you can bring chicken drum sticks and pretend that you are cave men! Here is a website to help find caves near you: Cave and Mine Adventures.
  • Have a picnic or grill at the park. Yes, this is a classic. What is summer without a nice BBQ and park games? Spread out the checked blanket and grab the cob corn! Here are some great summer game ideas Summer Games for Kids even if you don’t have kids, try some of these games yourself! Sometimes the most enjoyment comes from reenacting childhood fun!
  • Set up a tent in your yard to eat your meal. Whether you make tin foil dinners and s’mores or whatever you have planned on the menu, eating in a tent is always an adventure. And to make the backyard more fun, try these Backyard Games!
  • Have a bonfire dinner! Bonfires are versatile in location (beaches, sand dunes, and many other open spaces). Not only can you make s’mores and hot dogs, but how about eating anything else you can skewer! Pineapple, bananas, pre-cooked ham chunks, zucchini, cob corn and the list goes on! What are you going to put on your skewer?
  • Visit an LDS temple. Temples are beautiful places to walk, ponder and enjoy the surroundings. Although this is not the place for a game of flag football, there are often benches or lawns where you could have a quiet picnic. Locate an LDS temple near you. Even those who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are welcome to enjoy the temple grounds. 

Summer foods:

Moroccan Kebobs (try these on the grill!)
Raspberry Chicken Salad
Drinks, sides and Snacks:
Caramelized Pineapple (also try this on the grill)

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