Banana Swirl

Thanks to my brother and his wife, we have discovered the children’s T.V. show called “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood“. I am beginning to wonder if Limi and I actually like it more than our son does… but he watches it too. We love this show though! It is based off of the old T.V. show, “Mr. Rogers”, who used puppets as a main component of his show. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is animated, and the characters are the same as the puppets in “Mr. Rogers”, with the tiger, Daniel, being the main character. We love it so much because each episode teaches awesome values and lessons! Plus, they are always singing cute little songs. What’s not to love?

Why am I talking about Daniel Tiger? Well in one of the episodes, “Daniel Tries a New Food“, his mom makes Veggie Spaghetti and Banana Swirl. I loved the idea of making recipes inspired by the things our family watches (even if it is a baby show), plus I figured we could test out the lessons in real life…. :)

Here is a little tid-bit from Fred Rogers himself: 
Mealtimes mean different things to different families. But one thing is sure — food is important to everybody. As a parent, you want to give your children healthy foods. That’s one way you let them know you care about them. Most parents spend a lot of time thinking about what foods to buy and what meals to make. It’s only natural for you to want your children to like the food you make for them.”

Banana Swirl is definitely not a difficult recipe… and it is definitely not my own idea. There are probably thousands of other people who have done the same thing, but I promise that it is definitely delicious, and healthy too! It tastes just like banana ice cream, and has the perfect consistency of soft serve ice cream. Put it in an ice cream cone and you are set!

(As Daniel says, “Ugga Mugga!”)


2 bananas
1/2 cup 2% milk, or coconut milk


Freeze the bananas, IN THE PEEL. Once frozen, run hot water over the bananas until the peel is loose, but the bananas are still hard and frozen. Slip the bananas out of their peel and put them in a blender with the milk. Blend and pulse as needed until there are no chunks remaining. Serve immediately, or freeze until serving.
To get a nice swirl like I have in the picture, put the banana swirl in a plastic zip-lock bag and cut the corner off. Squeeze the banana swirl through the opening into your desired dish or cone.

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