Eating Well in a Pinch

Ok, here is an article from my friend, who’s house I currently live in while she is away. She is basically a genius. I love her food techniques and agree with everything she says! Sometimes snacking is where we fall short with healthy eating, because the unhealthy foods are almost always the quickest ones to shove in our mouths! If we just take time before hand to do a little preparation, the healthy foods can be just as quick, but far more nutritious! 

She talks about identifying what takes the most effort for you, when eating healthy foods (such as fruits and vegetables) and making that your pre-prep. For her, the tops of strawberries take the most effort and keep her from snacking on them. This is what she makes sure to take care of when she first comes home from the store. For me, things like chopping makes the biggest difference. I love watermelon, but if it isn’t in chunks, I probably won’t grab it for a snack. When I first get home from the store, I wash and chop up my watermelon so that it is ready to grab when I am hungry! 

I can also attest to her tip to make a large batch of something and freeze half of it! If you are going to the effort of making it any way, you might as well make lots of it! For example, it doesn’t take extra time to boil twice as much brown rice. You will be grateful later, when you can pull a bag of rice out of the freezer and have it ready in less than five minutes, rather than waiting another 45 minutes to boil more brown rice! You can save a lot of time using this method with other foods as well!

Any way, be sure to check out her article, because she has some great tips and ideas! 

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