Home Cooking Cafe

Sometimes dinner is just monotonous. Maybe you aren’t in the mood for a deep conversation, maybe your kid’s are having a rough day, or worse yet, it’s left-overs night and every one is already sick of eating that dish. This is a great time to pull out your menus and pretend like your family is eating at a restaurant. Give each component of your meal fancy names, like an expensive French cafe, or give the food silly code names and let every one be surprised by what they ordered. When we did this growing up my mom called Black Beans and Yellow Rice (Abejorro Rice) “Black pearls on gold flakes” and she called spaghetti “Eyeballs over Intestines”. Unless we were really good guessers, we didn’t know what the actual food was that we ordered until she brought it to us! These names might be a little too graphic for you, but you get the idea. Just have fun with your names, to help switch up the normal meal time and make it unique.

For more fun, make the family order their utensils with their meal or give them a price for each dish (i.e. a hug or an Eskimo kiss). You could mix it up for a very silly dinner by bringing utensils like spatulas and slotted spoons when they order forks and spoons. Here are some menu ideas, to get you started: 

Try this “Home Cooking Cafe” Menu for general restaurant-style meals. 

Or try these menus, provided by The Dating Divas for a little holiday fun!

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