Limón Tostadas

It is sometimes ironic how many recipes I publish that I actually hated refused to eat as a kid. Lets face it, I was a high maintenance child with a penchant for being picky. I don’t think I actually hated this recipe, but I just didn’t give it a chance. I saw the black beans and cilantro and I made up my mind against it. Now this is literally one of my favorite foods! It is so simple and easy but so flavorful! Hmmmm…. have you noticed a trend? I love flavorful food but if I can make it easy to prepare it is WAY better! (That’s not saying I never slave over something in the kitchen for hours. Tamales is a prime example of something I have never been able to simplify, but I still make them!)

This is also a great recipe if you are trying to be healthy, trying to cut out or reduce meat intake or just trying to stay within your budget. Beans are cheap and filling, besides all the great health factors! Need I say more?


2 cans low-sodium black beans
1 Maggi cube, or 1 tsp bouillon
1/2 cup cilantro, chopped
1 lime, juiced
A bag of tostada shells
Shredded cabbage
Tapatio, or other Mexican hot sauce


Drain the black beans, but do not rinse them. Put the beans, bouillon, cilantro and lime juice in a sauce pan. Heat until the mixture begins to simmer.
Put the beans over the tostada shells and top with cheese, tomatoes, shredded cabbage and hot sauce. 

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