Sammy September

Yesterday morning I had a humbling experience as my 1 year old son taught me a lesson. I had just dressed him for the day and let him play while I went to get myself ready. About 5 minutes later, I came out to find him digging into the garbage. I instantly removed him from the kitchen and put the garbage up on the counter, out of his reach. He began to cry and I couldn’t console him. This continued for about 5 minutes, when I noticed that the diaper I had left on the floor wasn’t to be seen. I began to wonder if he had tried to help me by throwing the diaper away. He does this quite often, as he is a helpful little kid, and he likes the positive praise and attention he gets for helping out. Realizing that I might have reacted a little harshly to his helpfulness, I brought him over to the garbage, pointed, and thanked him for helping me. He still cried, and reached for the garbage. At this point I actually looked into the garbage and realized that he had dropped his bottle of milk into the garbage. This whole time he had only been trying to get his bottle out, and I made an assumption and reacted accordingly.

I realized how easy it is to assume we know what others are trying to do, and react based on that assumption. This happens with children and adults alike. Despite what we may think, we don’t always know what others need, think or are doing, and our assumptions could very likely be incorrect. The best way to approach the situation, rather than making an assumption, is to seek to understand the other person first. If I had not reacted to my assumption so quickly, I might have talked to my son and kindly asked him (despite his inability to verbally respond) “what are you doing here at the garbage?”. Then I could have examined or watched what he was doing, not allowing him to grab anything nasty, but to see what he needed. Perhaps this might have saved him the crying and granted me a chance to better understand the situation.

Though some of you may not have children, I am sure you interact with many people in a day or a week, and I am sure that we all, at times, make assumptions. I hope each of us can stop and challenge our own assumptions before we react to a situation, and seek first to understand what is going on.

As school begins, there isn’t a better time to stack up your sandwich repertoire. I hope to give you a variety of classic and unique sandwich ideas to satisfy every mouth in your house and get your own brain juices flowing. At our house, Limi prefers a good ol’ meat-filled sandwich, while I like something with less meat and more veggies, so naturally a little creativity is needed to satisfy both of us. This post is just as much for me as it is any one else, but hopefully you will find something useful in this post too! 

The PB & Poppeye

This sandwich has spinach leaves and banana slices nestled between peanut butter and jelly spread on whole wheat bread. Full of protein, vitamin C, folate, potassium and fiber, this sandwich is a great choice for flavor and nutrition! 

Raspberry Chicken Salad

You have seen this sandwich before, in a post from May. It is a classic chicken salad, with shredded chicken, mayo (or sour cream), almond and then it has raspberries thrown into the mix to liven things up.

The Farm Stand

This sandwich is made on honey-oat bread covered with mashed avocado and is filled with sprouts, cucumbers, bell peppers, spinach and peaches.

The Limidee

Named after my husband, this sandwich contains all his stacking favorites, including cheddar cheese, romaine, roasted turkey, bacon, avocado and tomatoes, with ranch or mayo spread over white bread. 

The French Palate 

Soft cheese such as Brie, goat cheese or even Laughing Cow cheese (depending on your preference), grapes and pears layered between french bread make this sandwich reminiscent of a French cheese plate. I added a little ham on Limi’s sandwich and served grapes on the side, but had mine meatless and open-faced with grapes on top.

Tootie Fruit Sam

Bananas, strawberries, peaches, coconut flakes and raspberry jam fill this simple poppy seed bread Sammy. Add a few pineapple spears or mango slices to make it a bit more tropical.

The Californian

This sandwich, originating from Kiss My Broccoli Blog, has turkey, sprouts, strawberries, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, and purple onions served between sunflower bread spread with mayo.

The Greek Goddess

Like a beautiful Greek salad, this sandwich has tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, purple onions and feta cheese, and is put between flat bread rubbed with Greek dressing.

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