Bagel Sandwich

I am always on the look out for hearty breakfasts that are nearly as quick as pouring a bowl of cereal. If it were left to me, I would probably just take the bowl of cereal. I love cereal so much! I could eat it any time of the day, and I can eat a box of cereal by myself in less than a week. My darling husband is kind to love me despite my cereal obsession, but he just can’t handle cereal every morning. We are also on the early schedule, getting up at 5:30 am and he is out the door for work by 5:50, so elaborate breakfasts just don’t happen. Even if I had time to make something epic for breakfast, he wouldn’t have time to eat it. Hence, my search for quick breakfasts that are filling and sometimes even portable. 

Enter: The Bagel Sandwich. 

This is awesome. 

Granted, I did do a little prep the day before to cook the eggs, and I bought pre-cooked bacon (the best thing that ever happened to the wife of a meat-loving man). Once the eggs are cooked, though, they are good in your fridge for up to a week (maybe longer, but I wouldn’t recommend it). So planning a head really pays of for this one, because you could eat it every day of the week with less than 5 minutes of prep in the morning. They are great for work, school, or just lazy mornings! You can even pack them in a lunch.

When I made the eggs, whisked them up with milk, salt and pepper, like I was making scrambled eggs, but I poured them into a flat skillet, covered the pan and cooked them as if they were just fried eggs, not stirring at all. I didn’t really need to flip the eggs, except one small portion on the side didn’t cook all the way (I think my heating element isn’t even), so I flipped it just to cook that one part. Once cooked, I used a mason jar lid like a cookie cutter, and cut out little circles of eggs, just the right size! I used the lid for the narrow-neck bottles, since I had mini bagels, but the wide-neck rings would probably work well for regular sized bagels.



8 mini bagels

6 eggs

1/4 cup milk

salt and pepper to taste

8 strips of bacon, cooked

8 slices Colby Jack cheese


This preparation can be done the day before:

Heat a flat skillet over medium heat. Whisk the eggs, milk, salt and pepper together. Spray the skillet with non-stick cooking spray, and pour the eggs into the skillet. If the base of your skillet is smaller than 8-inches, I recommend pouring only half of the egg mixture into the pan, and repeating the process. Cover the skillet with a lid, and let the eggs cook through. Remove the eggs from the pan, and let cool. Cut 8 circles out of the eggs. If you are not using the eggs immediately, store the in the fridge, in a sandwich bag or airtight container.

The day of:

Cut the bagels in half and toast or heat in the microwave. Top with hot egg circles, bacon and cheese slices. Replace the top of the bagel and serve.

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