Grand Opening

Foodie Mordi Grand Opening

I am so glad to announce the grand opening of Foodie Mordi! Not only will I be posting extra recipes today, but I want to involve you in some fun and fame! Before we start the fun, follow this blog, Like my Page on Facebook, and then share your favorite recipe from Foodie Mordi, on your own Facebook page.  You can also follow my Pinterest Board, if you are a big Pinner.

I will be giving out a $5 Amazon gift card to one on my wonderful readers! Want to win it? You will get 1 point for doing each of the things listed above. You will also get one point for participating in each of the following games. I have three recipes that were posted today, so post a comment on two of them, to earn one additional point for each one. You may earn a total of 10 points if you do all the activities. The one with the most points will win the gift card, or if there are multiple people who earn full points, there will be a randomized drawing. I will announce the winner in my post next Tuesday. I will give the winner 24 hours to message me, before selecting another winner, so be sure to read Tuesday’s post, in case you have won.

Recipe Scrambler

I have scrambled the names of 5 recipes on this blog! Some include two words, so I have capitalized the beginnings of each word, to make it a little easier. If you get stuck, you can look through the Recipe Index for ideas. When you have unscrambled all the recipe names, comment on one of the recipes in the scramble, to let me know that you have figured out the puzzle. I will then award you one point.

Recipe Scramble

Recipe Scavenger Hunt

Below is a list of ingredients from one of my recipes. It is not a conclusive list, but it includes the key ingredients you need to know to guess the recipe. Once you have identified the correct recipe, comment on that recipe’s post and I will give you one point.

Key Recipe Ingredients:

  • Lime
  • Coconut milk
  • Curry
  • Cilantro

Question & Answer

Here are some Q&A’s about myself and my blog, with some facts that you might not know! When you have read through them, comment below about something in the Q&A that you found fascinating. I will give you one point for your comment.

Q. Why did you start a food blog?

A. I started blogging recipes in 2012, because I was off track from school. I was working during the day, but during the evenings my husband was doing school work, so I needed something to keep me busy. The blog was mostly a place where I could document recipes that I liked, because I had no recipe filing system. I kept good recipes on my hard drive, online, in a recipe box, on sticky notes and anywhere else you could imagine. But when I wanted to make a recipe again, I didn’t know where the recipe was, or I completely forgot about it. My blog became my singular good-recipe storage place, which I could quickly reference when cooking.

Q. How did you come up with your blog name?

A. My original blog, Kitchen Concoctions, came to mind because it was a catchy name, but also because my mom always talked about me “concocting” things when I cooked in the kitchen. I decided I eventually would change it, however, because the URL was already taken on blogger, and my URL was overly complicated (who puts two hyphens between words?). I went through several name ideas, and even bought a blog domain for the name “Family Meal Thyme”. I still felt like it was too difficult to remember, and didn’t have a nice ring to it. The name Foodie Mordi actually came to me when I was on Instagram sometime this spring. My friend had a hashtag on one of her photos with “foodie” before her name. I liked the idea, and started tagging my food posts with #foodiemordi (because #foodiekathryn just doesn’t sound as great). After using that hashtag for a while, I decided that it would be my new blog name, because it had just the ring I wanted.

Q. What is your favorite recipe?

A. I really cannot say that I have a favorite recipe. There are too many recipes that I absolutely love, to pick just one. But I will say that I absolutely love all things curry. I believe that I will never have too many curry recipes on this blog, and it is my go-to, when I am trying to think of something to put on the menu each week.

Q. Are there any foods you don’t like?

A. Yes. I really do not like fish (with the exception of shrimp and in some cases, tuna). That being said, I will willingly eat it when I go to Seattle, Washington, because if fish is ever going to taste good, it will taste good in Seattle. I am also not a fan of venison, or drinking plain milk. As a child I was super picky, and had a very selective diet. In fact, there were some things I determined I could only eat on Tuesdays and Thursdays (what goes on in a child’s mind?). Now, however, I am willing to try a lot of things, and end up liking almost everything. But there are certainly some foods that I like more than others. Ice cream, for example.

Q. Do you ever make mistakes in the kitchen?

A. Mistake Maker could be my second domain. I am not a trained chef, and many of my successes come after several failed attempts. I am not really afraid of making mistakes though, because I learn so much about cooking from them. I have had some pretty embarrassing moments though – like the time we invited guests over for dinner and we made pizza. The crust ended up black and the center was still gooey. Just recently I decided to take Sweet Rolls to some of my friends. It was one of my first times baking here in Texas, and I didn’t realize the cooking times and temperatures should change. The Sweet Rolls finished baking about 10 minutes early, so I pulled them out, iced them, and delivered them. Then I came home and grabbed my own sweet roll only to find that the bottoms were still nearly raw. Oops!

Q. What is your favorite kitchen memory?

A. I absolutely loved cooking in the kitchen with my mom, when I was growing up. Although I am sure I was less help than I thought I was, she still let me help cook all the time! She even made it fun. When I cracked and beat eggs, she would make sounds, as if the eggs were dying (“Bleck!”, “Blaa!” etc.). Another great kitchen memory was about 6 months ago. I was really stressed about school, and felt like I just needed some time to myself. The munchkin was in bed, and Limi was on campus, so I dimmed all the lights, turned on some Enya, and started cooking. By the time I finished the dish, about an hour later, all my stress was gone, and I was my happy old self!

Do you have any other questions for me? Post them below, and I will try to answer them in one of my next posts!

Recipe Fame

Lastly, you have a chance for fame! If you would like to participate, tell me in the comments section your personal favorite recipe (such as something your mom made, something you made up, or a recipe someone else gave you) and why it is your favorite. You can also post the recipe in your comment, or you can email it to me. You will get one point for doing this.

I will make your recipe and serve it for the Mordi Taste Testers! If we all like it, I will take pretty pictures of it and post it here on my blog, with all the credit given to you! I will be happy to include your head shot and a link to your own blog if you would like.

3 thoughts on “Grand Opening

  1. I love the recipe fame idea btw! As for the Q&A, I loved what you said about making mistakes and that it’s okay. I also loved reading about your kitchen memories.

  2. I think you are such a sweetheart and so real about your mistakes with cooking and that brings about perfection…I definitely would like to contribute but I would like you to add some african recipe like jollof rice egusi soup etc its gonna be really interesting#limicousin#

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