Strawberry & Cream Sammy

Last September I made a post for Sammy September. It was a post full of sandwich recipes that are great for daycare, school, or work. Since we are once again coming into the school year, it is always helpful to have more lunch box ideas! Did I mention? Not only do I pack a lunch for Limi’s work day, but I have an internship now, so I am packing myself a lunch, and even a lunch for the munchkin at Day Care. We tell him that he is going to school though. He is so cute about it, and always asks if he can carry his “lunch pack pack”. The other day, however, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and wasn’t excited about “school”. In my efforts to get him excited, I started trying to remember the names of the other kids in his class. Jackson seemed like one of the names, so I asked the munchkin if he wanted to play with Jackson. His response made me feel like he was a 15-year old, because he said “No! Mason!”. Actually, I was really impressed that at his age he had the comprehension not only to recognize what I was saying and to remember his friends names, but to put the two together and correct me about it. Babies these days are just so smart!

Back to the Sammy. This was an idea that I saw on Pinterest! I had never thought about putting cream cheese on a sandwich, but it sounded dainty and delicious. It reminds me of cucumber sandwiches that are served at a tea party. I bought the strawberries and cream cheese at the store, and then planned on making them sometime during the week. Then my friend invited us to go to the park this morning, and we needed to pack a sack lunch. Her son is allergic to Peanuts (so no PB&J’s), and this was the perfect time to try these cream cheese sandwiches. 

Aside from being ridiculously pretty, these are really yummy too! Of course the strawberries are sweet, and the slightly salty cream cheese is perfectly complementary. It is a nice way to mix us lunch bag sandwiches, deviating from both PB&J and lunch meat. I used the Sprouted grain bread, from CostCo, but you could use any bread that you prefer. I also opted to use Neufchatel cheese, rather than cream cheese. In my opinion, it has the same flavor, but with fewer calories.

These sandwiches are best if they are eaten within a few hours of being made. If they sit in the fridge for too long, the strawberry juice bleeds into the cream cheese and they don’t look as fresh, although they would still be perfectly edible. 



4 slices of bread

1/3 cup neufchatel cheese, softened

8 strawberries


Spreac the neufchaatel cheese over each of the four slices of bread. Wash and cut the strawberries into thin slices. Lay the strawberry slices over two of the slices of bread, and top with the other two slices of bread. Cut in half and put in a lunch bag. Store in the fridge or in a lunch box with an ice pack for up to 6 hours (for best flavor).

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