Hummus Rolls

I told you how much I love autumn, and how I completely missed part of it (peach season) because it happens at the end of summer here in Texas. One day, when I was picking the munchkin up from Day Care, we walked outside and realized that the ground was covered with acorns! I know what acorns are, I have seen pictures of them, but I have never actually noticed them in person. I was so excited because, in my book, acorns are 100% autumn material. We started grabbing handfuls of them, shoving them in the diaper bag. Later that night, when I was looking up craft ideas on Pinterest, I found out that I would have bugs all over my house unless I baked the acorns. I guess they are full of weevils. First thing the next morning, I threw them in the oven, and got rid of the bugs. Unfortunately they lost their pretty bluish and greenish hue, but my house was gong to be bug free! I went to the dollar store and carefully picked out some vases and candles, and got some Mod Podge so that I could make some pretty centerpieces for my table. This was going to be great! I never got around to painting each acorn with Mod Podge, but I did put them in the vases with the candles, and they looked so festive!

About a week later, however, I started noticing that the vases looked kind of foggy. Within a few hours I noticed a little bit of fuzz. I figured they must be growing mold because I didn’t seal them, so I resigned myself to “dealing with them” sometime. Only a few hours later the mold had gone all extraterrestrial on me, looking like some strange combination of mold and a magnetic field of alien eggs. In the dumpster they went! Something about my efforts to appreciate autumn this year just aren’t working out. On the plus side, I was able to go to the Orchards on campus many times last fall, and I have had a few crunchy leaves to step on this autumn. And to top it off, I am making Pumpkin Waffles tomorrow! 

About a year ago, I made a recipe called Cucumber Rolls with a warm sausage filling. These Humus rolls are somewhat similar, using rolled up cucumber slices, but they have a cold, veggie-filled interior. They are a great appetizer, and super cute! I felt like I was at some fitness club when I was eating these. High class, I am telling you.

We have been eating a lot of hummus lately, one, because it just tastes so good, and two, because it is a great way to get protein without eating meat at every meal. Plus, it is a spreadable, dip-able component, so it can be used in so many different ways! I have only tried two brands of hummus (Tribe and Athenos), because I love Tribe so much that it is hard to deviate. I haven’t been very impressed by Athenos hummus, because it had too much garlic for me, and I felt like it had air whipped into it. It was kind of weird. I need to try Sabra next, but I really love the Tribe hummus! Gosh, I need to get them to pay me for advocating their product.

 IMG_2649a IMG_2655a


1 long cucumber

8 cherry tomatoes

6 baby carrots

1/4 cup roasted red pepper hummus


Wash the peel of the cucumbers. Using a potato peeler, peel one stroke off the cucumber skins. This can be discarded. Continuing to peel on the same location as before. peel strips cucumber, with the flesh in the center and small lines of dark green peel on the edges. These will serve as your wraps, so try to keep them as long as possible.

Cut the cherry tomatoes long wise in four quarters. Cut the baby carrots into match-stick pieces.

Scoop 1 tsp of hummus onto the end of a cucumber strip. Top with a couple carrot pieces and a tomato piece. Roll the cucumber, with the filling in the center, and put a toothpick through at the end to keep the cucumbers rolled up.

Serve immediately or refrigerate until serving.

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