Hummus Rolls

I told you how much I love autumn, and how I completely missed part of it (peach season) because it happens at the end of summer here in Texas. One day, when I was picking the munchkin up from Day Care, we walked outside and realized that the ground was covered with acorns! I know … More Hummus Rolls

Super Orange Dream

Boy, it feels good to be back at the blogging! My last two semester of classes have been harder than normal – or maybe it is the fact that I have a two year old. Either way, playing in the kitchen wasn’t my first priority. Unfortunately. I really love to cook. :) Sometimes, when I … More Super Orange Dream

Tin Foil Dinners

I have a little video that somewhat ties into a camp-dinner like Tin Foil Dinners. The video, called Flecks of Gold, is a parable about a guy who went to look for gold in California. He wanted to find nuggets of gold, until a prospector taught him to save up the small flecks of gold. The … More Tin Foil Dinners

Veggie Spaghetti

As promised in my recipe for Banana Swirl, here is the recipe for Veggie Spaghetti! It was inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (yes it is a kid show, and I absolutely love to watch it with my son!). The episode is called “Daniel Tries a New Food”, when his mom makes … More Veggie Spaghetti

Pul Goki Stir-Fry

You may have seen my recipe for Pul Goki, which is Korean sesame beef. It is really yummy, but sometimes I enter the kitchen 15 minutes before I want dinner to be ready and realize that I  didn’t marinade my meat. But no worries! This version of Pul Goki doesn’t require any marination time, but has an equally flavorful result! Plus, … More Pul Goki Stir-Fry

Asian Haystacks

I’m sure you’re familiar with the traditional Hawaiian Haystacks, but here is a twist for you! It’s sweet, it’s fresh and it’s yummy! Ingredients: Sauce: 3/4 cup water 1 1/2 TBS corn starch 2 TBS rice vinegar 3 TBS ketchup 2/3 cup sugar a dash of soy sauce 3 TBS Chili Garlic sauce 3 cups cooked rice … More Asian Haystacks