Microwave Oatmeal

I had a recent realization about the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. You know how she goes into the house and sees the three bowls of oatmeal…. Papa bear’s oatmeal is too hot. Mama’s oatmeal is too cold, and baby bears oatmeal is juuuussst right! I never realized until now, as a parent, … More Microwave Oatmeal

Apple Medley

Well this was supposed to post yesterday… When I got on long after it was supposed to auto-post, I was dismayed to find it had not been scheduled like I thought. It is late, but it is still here! This is a great recipe, so I hope you enjoy it! Just a quick side track. … More Apple Medley

Lasagna Remix

This is a recipe that I made about a year ago. We loved it, but I didn’t know how to take pictures of cheese without making it look like I poured vegetable oil all over it (I am still learning). I made this again recently and decided I just had to post it! Hopefully this … More Lasagna Remix

Steel Cut Oatmeal

I just wanted to thank everyone for making Foodie Mordi’s Grand Opening so great! I am happy to get this blog rolling, and I am so excited to start working on some of my new ideas! As I mentioned on Thursday, during the Grand Opening, whoever earned the most points would receive an Amazon Gift … More Steel Cut Oatmeal

Edible Play Dough

Do you like this picture? My infamous 2-year old helped me double stamp the heart in the play dough. I was lucky that you do not see his fingers in this picture too! Lately, and I am sure it is because of his powerful observational skills, he wants to help take pictures of everything! He … More Edible Play Dough

Lemelon Ice

Have you ever tried freezing small cubes of watermelon? It is awesome. They are like mini Otter Pop bites, but healthier. We love them! Well when you blend the frozen watermelon cubes with lemon juice something even more wonderful happens. I call it Lemelon Ice.    The first time I made this I actually blended … More Lemelon Ice

Super Orange Dream

Boy, it feels good to be back at the blogging! My last two semester of classes have been harder than normal – or maybe it is the fact that I have a two year old. Either way, playing in the kitchen wasn’t my first priority. Unfortunately. I really love to cook. :) Sometimes, when I … More Super Orange Dream