Chicken Tikka Masala

About a two years ago, my friend and I decided to start having cooking dates to learn new recipes and share our favorites with each other. She had a recipe for Tikka Masala that she had been wanting to try. We tested it out, and I loved it! It is absolutely packed with flavor, due to … More Chicken Tikka Masala

Jollof Rice

One of the very first Nigerian foods I tried was Jollof Rice. From the first bite I took I was in love. Jollof rice is sort of like Spanish rice, except it is made with tomato stew (Nigerian stew, of course), and has spices like curry, thyme, ginger and bay leaf. It is rich and … More Jollof Rice

Beef Verde

Limi and I have a friend from East Africa. At every African party and get-together, she cooks for hours beforehand, and brings the most amazing food to the party! Some of the best African food I have had was made by her. Among these are the Beef Verde kabobs that she makes. I actually don’t … More Beef Verde