Play Dough

My upstairs neighbor (we live in a 4-plex) invited us to a birthday party for their girls a while ago. They said we didn’t need to bring presents, because just having friends at their party would make the girls happy enough. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the party because we were traveling out of … More Play Dough

Home Cooking Cafe

Sometimes dinner is just monotonous. Maybe you aren’t in the mood for a deep conversation, maybe your kid’s are having a rough day, or worse yet, it’s left-overs night and every one is already sick of eating that dish. This is a great time to pull out your menus and pretend like your family is … More Home Cooking Cafe

Summer Activities

Summer is right around the corner so its time to get ready! Summer should be enjoyed! You shouldn’t be stuck cooking and baking in a hot kitchen and no one should be cooped up when the sun is shining! Here are ┬ásome fun ideas including where to eat your meals this summer and easy foods … More Summer Activities