Taco Seasoning

Just last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a conference called Time Out for Women. I had heard of it, but had never been before. My friend told me that they would be coming to the Dallas area, so we got tickets and planned to go. Let me just tell you, I came away … More Taco Seasoning

Baked Taquitos

Hey there! Yes, I am still alive, but I have had to re-prioritize my life a little bit, and blogging went down the list a little bit. I still hope to continue posting recipes in the future, but for now, it won’t be a regular thing. Please keep using my blog for the existing recipes … More Baked Taquitos

Limón Tostadas

It is sometimes ironic how many recipes I publish that I actually hated refused to eat as a kid. Lets face it, I was a high maintenance child with a penchant for being picky. I don’t think I actually hated this recipe, but I just didn’t give it a chance. I saw the black beans and cilantro … More Limón Tostadas

Cinco de Mayo

Although I have never celebrated Cinco de Mayo, I love Mexican food and would love to go to Mexico at the beginning of May and experience their real celebrations! I am a big advocate of real Mexican recipes, not the Tex-Mex or canned-salsa-filled foods. Here are a few recipes that are pretty authentic, although there … More Cinco de Mayo