Super Orange Dream

Boy, it feels good to be back at the blogging! My last two semester of classes have been harder than normal – or maybe it is the fact that I have a two year old. Either way, playing in the kitchen wasn’t my first priority. Unfortunately. I really love to cook. :) Sometimes, when I … More Super Orange Dream

Chocolate Orange Muffins

Per the suggestion in my Making Dinner Meaningful post, I decided to make today Muffin Monday! Serving specific foods, or types of foods, on a specific day can ease your meal planning burden and create a little consistency in your meal anticipation. This can be especially important for kids, who not only need consistency, but like to … More Chocolate Orange Muffins

Citrus Slush

This slush is inspired by a Jamba Juice Smoothie that I recently saw. Citrus Kick, from Jamba Juice, has orange juice, apple juice, ginger juice, pineapple and ice. I thought “hey this sounds so easy to make at home” and I did. I left out the ginger juice, for personal preference. I loved this though! … More Citrus Slush

Easter Berry Baskets

First off, I want to remind us all of the reasons we have Easter bunnies who deliver baskets full of eggs, candy, and baby chicks to millions of people every Easter morning. It is easy to forget the significance among all the hooping and hollering over which plastic egg to buy or which recipe to … More Easter Berry Baskets

Spicy Orange Chicken

This is the audacious counterpart of my other recipe for Sweet Orange Chicken. While they both share the commonality of having orange as a main component they are two very different recipes. If you want something a little more sweet and easy going Sweet Orange Chicken is your dish. If you want something bold and adventurous, this recipe is … More Spicy Orange Chicken

Sweet Orange Chicken

I was looking for a great chicken recipe and I found one for baked Teriyaki Chicken… Sadly, I didn’t have the ingredients I needed to make it work, so I tweaked it here and there and this is what I came up with! It is really scrumptious! Great with rice and a Caesar Salad. Ingredients: … More Sweet Orange Chicken