King Bagel

Ever since we moved to Texas back in June, we have loved it. I mean, from the moment we drove into Texas it has been great. We love the heat (at least more than Idaho cold), all the trees, the people and the many opportunities and things to do. Although I love Idaho, when it … More King Bagel

Citrus Slush

This slush is inspired by a Jamba Juice Smoothie that I recently saw. Citrus Kick, from Jamba Juice, has orange juice, apple juice, ginger juice, pineapple and ice. I thought “hey this sounds so easy to make at home” and I did. I left out the ginger juice, for personal preference. I loved this though! … More Citrus Slush

Coconut Pastries

Limi and I went to Nigeria for Christmas last December. While we were there our brother-in-law bought some breads and pastries for us to try. One of these pastries I absolutely fell in love with! I had never had anything like it, and immediately wanted to replicate it when we got home! This pastry had … More Coconut Pastries

Hungry Hawaiian Pizza

My pizza baking has been a long learning experience, but I am proud to say that I have finally mastered it. No more crusts as thick as bread loaves, or burnt edges with raw middles. No more tearing the dough as it is being transferred to the pizza pan, leaving elephant-sized holes in the dough. … More Hungry Hawaiian Pizza

Slow Cooker Haystacks

If I do something in the crock pot, I want it to be quick and simple. I don’t do the whole “prepare this” and “prepare that” before putting it in the crock pot. In my mind, that defeats the whole point of even using the crock pot. Well Slow Cooker Hawaiian Haystacks is the ultimate … More Slow Cooker Haystacks

Thai Pineapple Curry

I have been crazy about curry lately! I have tried many different types and loved them all! Some that i have tried have been a middle-eastern curry at a ward activity in December, curry fried rice in Nigeria, Hawaiian curry at a local restaurant, and now this Thai curry, which is not to be forgotten!  I … More Thai Pineapple Curry