Frank Fry

This is seriously the most important staple meal at our house. It is quick and filling, it is cheap, and Limi absolutely loves it! If I give him a list of dinner options, and this is anywhere on the list, he will without fail choose Frank Fry.    We have quite an adaptation history with … More Frank Fry

Tin Foil Dinners

I have a little video that somewhat ties into a camp-dinner like Tin Foil Dinners. The video, called Flecks of Gold, is a parable about a guy who went to look for gold in California. He wanted to find nuggets of gold, until a prospector taught him to save up the small flecks of gold. The … More Tin Foil Dinners

Thai Stew

Even though it is hot summer and no one really wants to eat soup during the summer, I went ahead and made this recipe. Why on earth would I do that? Because this is the best soup I have ever had! Yes, it does top Tom Kha Gai which was previously my favorite soup ever.  … More Thai Stew

Caribbean Curry

To you this may seem like “just another” one of my curry recipes… but it’s not! Oh, just try it and you will realize how unique each curry recipe is! This curry has potatoes, and cumin and coriander! And most uniquely, it has tomatoes! Yes, this dish is definitely different from each of my other … More Caribbean Curry

Tikka’s Potatoes

My family members are serious of J.R.R. Tolken fans… When I say that I mean that my dad read the Hobbit to us every night before bed, and had us each read Lord of the Rings on our own. My dad doesn’t like the movies because they don’t follow the books. So… we are J.R.R. … More Tikka’s Potatoes

Pizza Potatoes

Growing up in Idaho we ate a lot of potatoes, and I LOVED it! I chose potatoes over bread any day and it was one of my staples when I first went to college. I have toned down the tater-lovin’ to spare my husband, but I still love to cook with them. Occasionally you will … More Pizza Potatoes

Zuppa Toscany

I am sure many of you have been to a certain popular Italian restaurant and had a well-known soup… Well this soup is patterned after that soup but Limi prefers his soups to be thick and hearty, so I made this one thicker than the soup that most people have eaten at this popular restaurant… If you haven’t tried it … More Zuppa Toscany

Breakfast Bake

I have tried a couple breakfast casseroles, but every time the potatoes come out the texture of mashed potatoes… I don’t know about you, but I like my potatoes to be crispy or at least firm, unless I am specifically going for mashed potatoes. Needless to say, those casseroles didn’t make the cut. So finally, … More Breakfast Bake

BBQ Bowl

My older brothers are the originators of this recipe, and I just perfected it. :) One year, after girls camp, we had lots of BBQ Chicken left-overs. My brothers, being typical starving boys, combined whatever they could find in the fridge, to make a suitable meal. This meant a baked potato, BBQ chicken, cheese and … More BBQ Bowl