King Bagel

Ever since we moved to Texas back in June, we have loved it. I mean, from the moment we drove into Texas it has been great. We love the heat (at least more than Idaho cold), all the trees, the people and the many opportunities and things to do. Although I love Idaho, when it … More King Bagel

Frank Fry

This is seriously the most important staple meal at our house. It is quick and filling, it is cheap, and Limi absolutely loves it! If I give him a list of dinner options, and this is anywhere on the list, he will without fail choose Frank Fry.    We have quite an adaptation history with … More Frank Fry

Sausage Pancakes

As I have mentioned before, we eat a lot of pancakes. At least 2 or 3 times a week, no kidding. My husband always requests them and, if I didn’t mix them up every now and then, I would get sick of eating them. So here is another pancake variation! Unlike my normal sweet-and-fruity breakfast … More Sausage Pancakes

Zuppa Toscany

I am sure many of you have been to a certain popular Italian restaurant and had a well-known soup… Well this soup is patterned after that soup but Limi prefers his soups to be thick and hearty, so I made this one thicker than the soup that most people have eaten at this popular restaurant… If you haven’t tried it … More Zuppa Toscany

Manicotti Supreme

I know some people believe that Manicotti is not so much about the flavor as it is about the texture, but I think that if you can get both the flavor and the texture right then you have something phenomenal! I have made many variations of Manicotti, and as the result of my trials and … More Manicotti Supreme

Zucchini Zuppa

Ok, confession time… I HATED this soup growing up. I think it was something about the Italian spices, and of course the zucchini, but I detested even the sight of it. My mom tried revamping it many times to get us to eat this, but I never budged… until about 10 years later when my … More Zucchini Zuppa

Spicy Sausage Alfredo

This was a quick throw-together that turned out FANTASTIC! It is just as yummy as the labor intensive Roasted Red Pepper Penne but it is about 3 times as easy! Limi loves it too, and has requested it several times. You will probably want to double this one… Ingredients: 1 jar Classico Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo sauce … More Spicy Sausage Alfredo

Breakfast Muffin

This is a breakfast sandwich that we grew up eating. As children, we called them McMuffins, but that name is trademarked, so for this blog I will call it a Breakfast Muffin. My mom always served the sausage with pineapple rings, but you can use eggs instead, if you prefer. They are quick and filling! … More Breakfast Muffin