Winter Snacks

I hope you got a kick out of my last post! It is the hard truth of anyone cooking in the kitchen. :) You never need to feel like my efforts of cooking are somehow better than yours, merely because I have a blog and I post the successful recipes. We live in a world … More Winter Snacks

Cornetto alla Crema

As promised on Instagram, here is the Italian Pastry recipe! I was not a fan of Croissants before I made these – but then again, perhaps I, like many novices, was doing croissants wrong. I bought a box of croissants from the bakery specifically for this recipe, but I knew I had more than enough. … More Cornetto alla Crema

Vanilla Bean Steamer

Sometimes I am a bit skimpy with my grocery money, and I don’t splurge on expensive ingredients very often. Vanilla is the perfect example of this. I buy the 0.99 cent bottle of imitation vanilla rather than real vanilla extract. Don’t get me wrong. I would love the expensive nice ingredients, but it usually doesn’t … More Vanilla Bean Steamer

Pork and Rice

My internship this semester is with a non-profit organization that helps resettle refugees who come into the U.S. It is so amazing to help these people establish their lives here. Life here is not easy for them either, as they may struggle to find employment due to language barriers, housing may be sub-standard, and getting … More Pork and Rice

Grand Opening

I am so glad to announce the grand opening of Foodie Mordi! Not only will I be posting extra recipes today, but I want to involve you in some fun and fame! Before we start the fun, follow this blog, Like my Page on Facebook, and then share your favorite recipe from Foodie Mordi, on your own Facebook … More Grand Opening