Pork and Rice

My internship this semester is with a non-profit organization that helps resettle refugees who come into the U.S. It is so amazing to help these people establish their lives here. Life here is not easy for them either, as they may struggle to find employment due to language barriers, housing may be sub-standard, and getting … More Pork and Rice

Lasagna Remix

This is a recipe that I made about a year ago. We loved it, but I didn’t know how to take pictures of cheese without making it look like I poured vegetable oil all over it (I am still learning). I made this again recently and decided I just had to post it! Hopefully this … More Lasagna Remix

Silky Play Dough

My semester has started again, and I am also doing an internship. I feel like we don’t ever have time to go out and do anything, so I have to find quick activities for the munchkin to do at home, while I do my assignments. Do you have little ones who are feeling bored? Are … More Silky Play Dough

Hummus Rolls

I told you how much I love autumn, and how I completely missed part of it (peach season) because it happens at the end of summer here in Texas. One day, when I was picking the munchkin up from Day Care, we walked outside and realized that the ground was covered with acorns! I know … More Hummus Rolls

King Bagel

Ever since we moved to Texas back in June, we have loved it. I mean, from the moment we drove into Texas it has been great. We love the heat (at least more than Idaho cold), all the trees, the people and the many opportunities and things to do. Although I love Idaho, when it … More King Bagel

Taco Seasoning

Just last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a conference called Time Out for Women. I had heard of it, but had never been before. My friend told me that they would be coming to the Dallas area, so we got tickets and planned to go. Let me just tell you, I came away … More Taco Seasoning