Pumpkin Muffins

Okay, I am probably killing it here, with all the breakfast recipes, but it is a big deal at our house these days. Also, I know there are a million Pumpkin bread recipes, and it is no where close to October, so why would you want another pumpkin recipe? Ignore this post if you must, … More Pumpkin Muffins

Winter Snacks

I hope you got a kick out of my last post! It is the hard truth of anyone cooking in the kitchen. :) You never need to feel like my efforts of cooking are somehow better than yours, merely because I have a blog and I post the successful recipes. We live in a world … More Winter Snacks

Breakfast Cookies

I amĀ on the continuous hunt for quick, healthy foods. That is not to say that we never eat quick, unhealthy foods, but it is good to make an effort to be healthy, even when you are short on time. The munchkin started going to day care last week, since I began my internship. They provide … More Breakfast Cookies